Passion Planner Goal Tracker Sticker
Passion Planner Goal Tracker Sticker
Passion Planner Goal Tracker Sticker

Passion Planner Goal Tracker Sticker

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Passion Planner Goal Tracker Sticker! Fits in both Monthly and Weekly sections!

*Each listing comes with TWO stickers*

In collaboration with Lana from LK Consultants, here's what she has to say about this functional Passion Planner sticker! Check out Lana and her services here:

Setting goals for yourself but finding it difficult to move forward? Use our simple ___(weekly/monthly)___ sticker to help you set regular goals, giving you clarity and driving you forward. Using the "SMART" acronym, we're able to narrow down our goal - clarifying as specifically as possible what we're working towards, making sure the goal is measurable (how do I know that I'm making progress or when it is complete?), specifying that it is attainable, making sure it is relevant to our overall direction and vision, and creating a time-boundary/deadline. 

The act of writing down your goals and making sure they fill this criteria makes us (scientifically-proven) more likely to achieve them. So start small, but get started! 

We also make it easy by providing an easy space for you to identify the top 3 small tasks that you can tackle to help move the goal forward. Let's get dreaming, start writing, and turn those goals into actions!

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Each order is placed lovingly into a cello bag before being put into a sturdy cardboard mailer to ensure your stickers arrive to you in perfect condition! 

All orders are shipped out between 1-5 business days of ordering. Occasionally, the post office will not update tracking for days (or even until delivery!), please rest assured, your stickers have been mailed out as soon as you get the shipping notification! If you have questions about the status of your order, feel free to contact either me or your post office directly, as they have more information than I do! 

I don't accept returns or exchanges, but if you are not happy in any way with your order, LET ME KNOW!! I welcome ALL feedback and I'd love nothing more than to make it right! I am always a growing business and your support means the world to me! :)

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